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La Embajada translates into "the Embassy" as as such, we aim to bring to the US a rich experience of contemporary Mexico, offering the very best expressions of the country’s art, craft, design, and vintage furniture.

Expertly curated by designer Raul Cabra, our creative director, La Embajada is the result of over 19 years working throughout Mexico with artisans, designers, and antique dealers. The result is an ever-evolving collection of the hand-made, a true reflection of the beauty and complexity of Mexico's creative production.


From our creative director to our sales team, we all share a deep love for the cultural heritage of Mexico, a sensitivity to design, and a commitment to hospitality.

Creative director

RAUl Cabra

"As a designer and educator I believe that design is a tool for social change, and that it can be an effective force to empower artisans and makers when the right collaborative environment is created."

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Cabra spent his childhood in Caracas, Venezuela before coming to the US to study design at California College of Arts and Crafts (CCA). For many years, he taught at CCA and co-founded the graduate program in design. He also created an academic collaborative project called “Oax-i-fornia,” which brought art students to Mexico. Oax-i-fornia has since become a company that benefits artisan communities and specializes in crafting handmade objects for hospitality brands in Mexico and abroad. As Creative Director, Raul curates the selection of La Embajada, and provides design services and product customization as well.


MOLLY Nutter

Raised in Northern California, Molly moved to New York City in the 1990’s to pursue a career in Fashion.  Working as a merchant at Barneys New York for nearly 20 years and 3 more at Céline, she moved to Austin in 2019 to take the helm of ByGeorge, partnering with MML to steward the legendary independent luxury multi-brand shop into its 40th year in business and beyond.  During her time at ByGeorge, she was introduced to Raul and Oax-i-fornia, and was thrilled to endeavor on MML’s next retail project, bringing Raul and Larry McGuire’s vision to life in Clarksville.


Jennifer Sherburn

Jennifer Sherburn has an affection for hospitality and believes in the concept of “unequaled service,” an idea that individual experiences are as unique as the guest and should be keenly unmatched.

Jennifer is a native Texan and graduated from the University of Hawaii and London Contemporary with a BFA in dance. She has been deeply involved in both arts and hospitality scenes in Honolulu, New York City, and Austin. Jennifer joined the MML Family in 2010 wearing multiple hats! With a knack for managing the many moving parts, she is excited to support the dynamic vision of La Embajada.

Sales Associate


"Design captivates not only the eyes but also the soul, weaving a tapestry of emotions and moods with its visual allure."

A native to the Texas Hill Country with a passion for design, Armando honed their skills at the University of North Texas. Now, as a valued member of La Embajada, Armando seamlessly blends their creativity and vision with a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and history, offering clients a warm walkthrough of exquisite pieces that reflect both elegance and tradition.


Marianna Coronado

“I believe that desing is not just about aesthetic; it’s about storytelling, connection, and celebration of diversity”

As a Venezuelan immigrant living in Austin, Marianna brings a sense of cultural influence to her passion for design.

Growing up in Latin America, she was surrounded by vibrant colors, bold patterns and deep appreciation for art and creativity. This heritage allows her to help clients view pieces from a different perspective and is inspiring her work at La Embajada.

607 Blanco

A tour of 607 Blanco st, our physical store in Austin