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Oaxacan Chocolate Molinillo

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From the náhuatl moliniani, meaning to move or to shake. In Oaxaca, this is the utensil used to make foam for chocolate and its variants: chocolate-atole, and champurrado. A tool made out of carved wood, the molinillo is basically a long dowl that ends in a sphere. It usually also has several rings for foaming, and its decoration reflects the mastery of the artisan who made it. But making foamy chocolate is not an easy thing, thus the common expression “you can make a good, foamy chocolate; now you can marry.” The molinillo should never touch the bottom of the pitcher and it should have a specific angle to create bubbles that last. Only in that way can you make a great cup of chocolate. Our version is slightly updated and stylized. But still traditionally effective!

10-14”L x 2” D  

Wet with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, then sanitize with vinegar or lemon juice. Extend its life with food-safe oil.

    Made in Oaxaca
    The Molinillos used in Oaxaca are crafted by skilled woodworkers from the surrounding pine forests. This traditional art requires precision and a keen eye to create a beautiful and functional object through careful burning and ring alignment. Only a select few possess the expertise to master this craft.

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