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Bajio Danish Lamp with Popotillo Shade

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The Popotillo Danish lamp beautifully combines two distinct worlds. The vintage Danish lamp base, a cherished part of our collection for many years, has been reimagined to accommodate a popotillo lamp from Michoacán. The reference to Bajio highlights the region where both the base and shade are made: the historically rich area in the center of Mexico, comprised of Jalisco, Michoacan, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, and Guanajuato. During the day, the popotillo shade is a delightful wheat color, while at night casts playful shadows when illuminated.

Shade: 20" D x 16" H
Overall: 59"

Shade: dust with a feather duster. Base: use wood cleaner to keep hydrated

Made in Michoacán


Wheat was a crop that was assigned as a recompense in colonial times, for those indigenous groups that had agreed to help the crown conquer the Aztec empire. A license to grow wheat was a very profitable venture, as it guaranteed an income for the bread that was consumed in the urban centers by the new Castizo population. Now wheat is grown freely, but certain states like Michoacan and Tlaxcala have a strong legacy of bread and therefore wheat byproduct, such as the popotillo. Luckily for us, it is fashioned into beautiful pieces available at La Embajada.

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