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NK Mezquite Dining Chair

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The NK chair has a remarkable story. Discovered in Guanajuato on a pile of discarded wood where it had been left for over 40 years to weather, we learned that it was crafted by the father of the artisan we were visiting and sold to us for scraps. However, upon further investigation, we discovered that the chair was in fact inspired by the work of George Nakashima for the Atotonilco Monastery chapel. This chair is a re-interpretation in local mesquite wood, which may not allow for as fine a profile as the original, but it exudes an incredible Mexican essence nonetheless.

17.5"W x 20" D 
Sear Height: 15"

Linseed oil

Made in Guanajuato
In Guanajuato, the use of Mezquite has been a way of life since colonial times, serving as traditional materials for furniture and utensils. Known for its dense and heavy nature, Mezquite wood ages gracefully over time, developing a deeper and richer tone. 

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