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Hand Blown Glass Bottle with Pepita engraving

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This hand-blown glass bottle has an intricate Pepita engraving, a traditional Colonial technique used by skilled artisans in Mexico and Europe. The glass is carefully carved by hand using an aluminum oxide grinding stone in a grinding machine, resulting in beautiful droplet-like patterns. Each bottle is individually embellished with this unique art form, highlighting its rich cultural heritage from the city of Puebla.

2 3/4" D x 10 1/2" H

Made in Puebla
In the early 16th century, the first Spanish glassmaker in Mexico, Antonio de Espinosa, established a glassworks on Venado Street in Puebla. He specialized in creating large bottles, flasks, and glassware in various colors such as white, green, and blue. Later on, the master glassblower Antonio Pardo established a new factory near the Convent of Santa Teresa and was followed by Esteban de Antuñano who revitalized the glassmaking industry. In the late 19th century, the Empresarial Company for the Manufacture of Flat Glass and Crystal was founded by Antuñano, who brought in French technicians to adhere to European techniques. Today, Puebla is still known for its production of hand-blown and pressed glass, although the majority of production has shifted to Tonala.


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