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Pair of Mezquite Anafre Nightstands

Sale price$1,750.00

The Mezquite Anafre Nightstand is inspired by the Hispanic Arabic annafih, a traditional portable stove used for cooking and making tortillas in Mexico. Paying tribute to this beautiful tool, our pieces reimagine it in wood for more aesthetic rather than culinary purposes. 
Priced as a pair. 


Periodically wipe with linseed oil to keep wood hydrated 
and maintain color richness.

Made in Guanajuato
In Guanajuato, the use of mezquite and leather has been a way of life since colonial times, serving as traditional materials for furniture and utensils. Known for its dense and heavy nature, Mezquite wood ages gracefully over time, developing a deeper and richer tone. 

In store pick up. Please email us for shipping options. 

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