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Montura Oval Beveled Mirror with Piteado Belt

Sale price$1,250.00

The Montura mirror was designed as part of the Bajio Collection in Guanajuato. Inspired by the traditional wooden saddles found throughout the Mexican Bajio region since colonial times, the mirror is crafted from Mesquite wood and adorned with an embroidered belt and bronze buckle, making it a true small work of art.

LG: 35.5" L x 24" W

Wood cleaner for frame, leather polish on back side of belt only. 

Made in Guanajuato
In Guanajuato, the use of mezquite and leather has been a way of life since colonial times, serving as traditional materials for furniture and utensils. Known for its dense and heavy nature, Mesquite wood ages gracefully over time, developing a deeper and richer tone. Additionally, embroidered leather belts and objects are a significant element of the charrería, a symbol of Mexican cowboy culture.

In store pick up. Please email us for shipping options. 

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