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Agave Leaf Black Clay LG

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Our LG agave leafs are molded after the leaf of a Guiengola agave from the gardens of the Ex-Hacienda Guadalupe in Tlacochahuaya, where the Oaxifornia project is based. The agave is a rare and endangered species that is not used for mezcal or tequila, but as an ornamental plant.. Wider than the tequilana webber, it is known and priced for the beauty of the leaves and their green gray color. This leaf is an identical reproduction of a leaf we cut from our garden... just fired in black clay.

7 7/8" W x 19 3/4" L

Wash with mild soap.
Avoid citrus as it will lift the dark finish
Always keep inside always free of any buildup.

Made in Oaxaca
Low temperature fired pieces hand-made by artisanal processes that owe their natural black color to an oxidation process during the firing, resulting in a beautiful matte gray

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