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Mezcal Set Black Clay

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Our mezcal set is probably our most recognizable piece in Mexico. The mezcal container, shaped as a gasoline tank, is a nod to the custom at weddings in small towns of passing around the mezcal in plastic jugs of 5 liters (for gasoline) as an economical and efficient way of spreading the joy. Before the roads opened to Oaxaca in 1945, plastic was unknown and mezcal was distributed in "bombillas" made of black clay. In this set, we acknowledge the modernity of Oaxaca, but bring back the original black clay container, as a reminder that at the heart of tradition, lives only change.

Hand wash with mild soap.
For serving only.
Not stove top or oven safe.

Made in Oaxaca
A low temperature clay plate hand-made by artisanal processes. Pieces owe their natural black color to an oxidation process during the firing, resulting in a beatiful matte gray and almost metallic black hue, further enhanced by burnishing. This is a traditional technique used to make vessels impermeable for water and mezcal in Oaxaca prior to the arrvial of metal, glass and plastic containers.
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