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Mixe Cooking Bowl

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Mixe Clay is truly unique, distinguished by its robust blend of clay and minerals that infuse it with a captivating, sparkling allure. This traditional one-eared bowl is specially crafted to be placed beneath a comal over an open fire, resilient enough to withstand the heat without risk of damage from wood or charcoal. When the food is prepared, it can be safely retrieved with a hook, ensuring the cook remains unharmed by the fire. Its design embodies both ingenuity and elegance.

We recommend boiling corn "masa" or polenta in the pot for approximately 15 minutes during the first use to coat and "cure" our red clay pots. After this initial use, the contents should be discarded, and the pot washed normally with warm water and dishwashing soap. With continued use, a beautiful patina will develop, adding character and further sealing the pot.

Please be mindful to avoid extreme temperature changes to ensure the longevity of your red clay pot. 

Made in Oaxaca. 
The Mixe people are an indigenous group in Mexico, residing in the Sierra Norte, the eastern highlands of Oaxaca. They are known for their unique Mixe languages, which are part of the Mixe-Zoquean (alternative speling: Mije-Sokean) family. The Mixe are deeply rooted in their traditional culture and have preserved their language, known as ayuujk jä’äy, which translates to 'the people ayuujk'. In Spanish, they are referred to as ‘Mixe’. While the Mixe languages have not been extensively studied, with some dialects spoken in remote areas still awaiting thorough documentation, it is believed that there are 17 different varieties, as noted by Wichmann.



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