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Elena Hammered Copper Tray

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These are the trays used at Rosetta Restaurant in Mexico City. Great for drinks and general service, they come in larger sizes and can be used as decorative tabletops, an impromptu cocktail bar or even a table centerpiece holder. We recommend using a napkin under glassware and other items to avoid sliding. Chocolate finish only.

SM:  14 1/2" D x 1" H
MD:  17 3/4" D x 1" H
LG:  23 3/4" D x 3/4" H

Wash with mild soap.
Avoid citrus as they will lift the dark finish
Always keep inside free of any buildup.

Made in Michoacan
Copper was known to the pre-Hispanic world, and was used for utensils, arrowheads, and protective gear. Today, it continues to be produced with amazing technique involving heat and hammering. Multiple finishes can be obtained with coatings and other techniques.

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