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Cilindro Mezcal Glass

Sale price$19.00

This hand-blown glass is made to slowly savor mezcal, modeled after the "veladoras" used in Oaxaca.

2" D X 2 1/2" H
2 oz capacity

Dishwasher safe. Do not submit to extreme temperature changes.

Made in Jalisco and Hidalgo 
Our CILINDRO glassware collection is a flat-bottomed cylinder with a heavy double base that feels good in the hand and provides a nice rustic elegance. It is hand made in the states of Jalisco and Hidalgo, which continue to carry on a colonial tradition of glass blowing in Mexico. The entire collection is made with recycled glass, giving it a lovely green tone (think Mexican coke!) and are shaped solely by years of practice and the expert eye of the artisans. No two glasses are identical. Each is a unique piece of artistry with subtle differences in form, weight and color, a direct result of the process

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