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Pilar White Candle Collection

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Our Pilar candles are hand crafted in Michoacan. Made to light countless homes all over Mexico, the candles moved to religious services with the arrival of electricity and nowadays have also become beautiful decorative pieces. Our candles have the gold seal of Juana Cata our first donkey at the Hacienda Guadalupe in Oaxaca, as drawn by our friend and illustrator Thorina Rose in San Francisco. 

Pilar A - 2 1/2" x 12"
Pilar B - 3" x 4"
Pilar C - 3" x 5"
Pilar D - 3" x 6"
Pilar E - 4" x 6"
Pilar F - 4" x 8"
Pilar H - 4" x 12"
Pilar J - 6" x 6"
Pilar K - 6" x 8"

Keep wick short with sharp scissors to avoid smoking. 
Keep the wick well clean.

Made in Michoacan
Our Pilar candles are handmade the old fashioned way by slowly pouring a high quality imported German paraffin, until the candle reaches the desired width. They are then leveled off on the bottom and stamped with a gold seal on the front and the bottom. A slow process that yields beautifully smooth candles, every time. 

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