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Red Clay Oaxacan Comal 12"

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This Oaxacan comal is an essential and versatile kitchen tool used for centuries to shape corn nixtamal dough into tortillas. Our comal comes from San Marcos Tlapazola, in the Tlacolula Valley, and has a smooth upper cooking surface and a rough underside that helps it adhere to stoves and wood stoves. With easy maintenance and a crucial role in the preparation of Mole and Salsas, this comal is a must-have for any Mexican  kitchen.

12" D

Enhance the non-stick surface by using mineral lime, if it is accessible and suitable. Avoid washing the comal after use, and instead let any stubborn residue burn off before gently brushing.

To maintain the quality and functionality of your Red Clay Oaxacan Comal, we recommend regularly applying a simple lime finish using one teaspoon of Mineral lime powder (from a Mexican market) mixed with 3 tablespoons of water. Heat the comal over a lively fire and evenly coat the surface with the lime mixture using a pastry brush. The water will evaporate, leaving behind a durable layer of lime that prepares the comal for use. Afterwards, heat an old tortilla on the comal before discarding it and brushing off any excess lime. Your comal will be ready for use in no time!

Made in Oaxaca.
Our clay comes from San Marcos Tlapazola in the Tlacolula Valley, where it is handworked for the body of the pieces. Then, a red clay slip is applied and meticulously burnished with a corn cob. No molds are used, and each piece is thrown by hand, one by one, ensuring that every piece is unique.

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