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Tejate Cotton Table Runner

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Our Tejate Table runner takes its name from a tradtional drink that is found in markets in the central valley of Oaxaca. The tejateras cover their bowls with a white napkin with three red stripes, which run the lenght of the fabric, a beautiful and subtle sign of what lies below in the bowl.

The pedal loom was an colonial introduction, and it was adpoted in many places as an alternative to the back strap loom that was the standard cloth making technique in the pre-hispanic world. The looms are wooden, and usually made by the weavers themselves, and alow for wider cloths to be woven than the back strap counterparts. A very skill based and demanding craft, it can create a number of amazing patterns in cotton, wool, silk and a endless amount of other fibres. Just magic.

11 3/4" W x 98 1/2"

Machine Wash Separately. Do not use bleach.

Made in Michoacan
Copper was known to the prehispanic world, and was used for utensils, arroheads and protective gear. Today, it continues to be produced with amazing technique involving heat and hammering. Mutiple finishes can be obtained with coatings and other techniques.

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