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Azul Margarita Glass

Sale price$30.00

Susurros wanted a memorable Margarita glass, a shape that was both simple yet had a little "twist" and felt good in the hand. Well, here it is! In Clear and Sea Blue—your choice!

3"D x 5" H
16 oz capacity

Dishwasher safe.
Avoid exposing to extreme temperature changes.

Made in Jalisco and Hidalgo
Our cocktail glassware collection is versatile and sturdy. Handmade in Jalisco and Hidalgo, the collection is crafted from recycled glass sourced from schools, giving it a delightful green tone (think Mexican Coke!). The glasses are shaped without molds or any shaping tools, relying solely on years of practice and an expert eye. No two glasses are alike. Each is a unique piece of artistry with subtle differences in form, weight, and color, a direct result of the crafting process.

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