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Habsburg-Oaxacan Double headed Eagle Mezquite Mirror

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The mirror is a deliberate allusion to the double-headed eagle, a common symbol in textiles and feather weaving from pre-colonial times to present day, especially in the Oaxaca region. This two-headed bird represents both a pre-Hispanic narrative of danger and dominance, and a symbol of European authority. Regardless, it remains a revered emblem of protection and heraldry throughout history.

20" W x 36" H 

Periodically wipe with linseed oil to keep it hydrated 
and maintain color richness.

Made in Guanajuato
In Guanajuato, the use of mezquite and leather has been a way of life since colonial times, serving as traditional materials for furniture and utensils. Known for its dense and heavy nature, Mezquite wood ages gracefully over time, developing a deeper and richer tone. 

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