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Biznaga Carrizo Stools

Sale price$350.00

Our Biznaga stools are a genius use of material to provide support without the need for an additional metal structure. Lightweight and sturdy, they are able to comfortably support weight without bending or buckling.  Two sizes available.

And… it’s close cousin the Tabaco stool,  is included in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum… how cool is that???!!! 

Biznaga Standard : 24" D x 18" H
BIznaga SM: 18" D x 14.5" H

Clean with a damp cloth. Indoor use only

Made in Oaxaca
Carrizo is a reed that grows on riversides all over Mexico. Used from pre-Hispanic times to make baskets, containers for harvesting, and all sort of ingenious tools. Light weight and malleable when damp, it is a fantastic material for shades and lamps, as the open weave allows just the right amount of light to shine through, projecting a mesmerizing play of light and shadow

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