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Ellitsgaard Agave Collection Tapestry IV Gold and Natural

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Crafted in indigenous Zapotec communities in Mexico, "Agave Collection" is a limited edition line of textiles created from residual fibers of the mezcal industry. Designed by Trine Ellitsgaard, a renowned Danish textile artist based in Oaxaca, each piece showcases the fusion of Oaxacan warmth and Scandinavian aesthetics. These unique textiles symbolize a harmonious blend of traditions, creativity, and environmental consciousness.

*Tailor-made dimensions and color options offered.

5.5’ x 5.2’ 

100% Agave and Natural dyes

With over three decades spent residing in Oaxaca, Trine Ellitstgaard's Agave Collection flawlessly embodies the vibrant colors, intricate textures, unique shapes, and warm essence of the region. With a fusion of Scandinavian expertise and artistic perspective, her pieces exude sophistication and elegance. As an accomplished weaver, she also collaborates with indigenous artisans in Oaxaca, showcasing her extensive knowledge and appreciation for both cultural traditions.

Made in Oaxaca
The Agave collection repurposes wasted leaves from the Mezcal industry, transforming them into beautiful and one-of-a-kind tapestries. By expertly extracting the fibers from these discarded materials, she has turned a once-difficult environmental issue into a stunning design solution.

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