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Bolsitas Wool and Cotton Natural Bedspread

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Our Bolsitas bed spreads are re-issues from a 1970s design by Bundy Isley in Michoacan. Today, her son Rewi and daughter Susana head the workshop and create wonderful fabrics for La Embajada. Thick and substantial, the bedspread has a hand spun wool soul that is then woven with a cotton weft in a pedal loom. They are so intricate and beautiful that they look almost architectural. Una chulada! 

King Size: 110" W x 96"L

Machine wash in gentle cycle. Line dry only. 
Dry cleaning highly recommended. 

Made in Michoacan
Our bedspreads and textiles from Michoacan are carefully woven in pedal looms, using hand spun wool and high quality commercial cotton. The pedal loom was a Colonial introduction that was adopted throughout Mexico as an alternative to the back strap loom, the standard cloth making technique in the pre-Hispanic world. The looms are wooden, and usually made by the weavers themselves, and allow for wider cloths to be woven than their back strap counterparts. A very skill-based and demanding craft that creates amazing patterns in cotton, wool, silk and a endless amount of other fibers. Just magic.

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