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Mexican Kitchen Tools

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TABLA Ironwood cutting boardTABLA Ironwood cutting board
TABLA Ironwood cutting board Sale priceFrom $55.00
Red Clay Oaxacan Comal 12"Red Clay Oaxacan Comal 12"
Sold outCASA OAXACA Stone MolcajeteCASA OAXACA Stone Molcajete
Fierro Ironwood MolcajeteFierro Ironwood Molcajete
Fierro Ironwood Molcajete Sale priceFrom $75.00
Sold outOaxacan Chocolate MolinilloOaxacan Chocolate Molinillo
Susurros Glass MolcajeteSusurros Glass Molcajete
Susurros Glass Molcajete Sale priceFrom $52.00
Ironwood Mortar and Pestle Set of 3Ironwood Mortar and Pestle Set of 3
"V" Stone Molcajete"V" Stone Molcajete
"V" Stone Molcajete Sale priceFrom $80.00
Sold outCHAPARRO Stone Molcajete TrioCHAPARRO Stone Molcajete Trio